Sponsorship Application Form

Applications for grants of up to $4000 are now open to local not-for-profit groups that support positive community outcomes in health, safety, education or the environment as part of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing’s Nexus Together sponsorship program.

Here are a few general guidelines for a successful application:

  • Provide as much detail as possible for each question
  • Attach any supporting documentation such as budgets, insurance, quotes etc
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of your project and its costs – in particular, if this submission is only for part of the funding required to complete your project, explain what this contribution will go towards and how you plan to obtain the other funds required to complete the project
  • Clearly demonstrate your proximity to the project – organisations that are operating or situated closest to the alignment will score higher against the criteria
  • Clearly show how the project will provide a community contribution to health, safety, education or the environment
  • Tell us about yourself

  • Why are you applying for sponsorship?

  • (The maximum amount able to be applied for is $4000)