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10 October 2017
| Community

Nexus gets involved with community projects


For the Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley regions, the values of community spirit, working as a team, and supporting those in need run deep. Nexus is proud to be working in these communities to build the long-awaited Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) and helping support these values through the Nexus Together community giving program.

Nexus Delivery Project Director Jose Antonio Sanchez said the region’s core values and the TSRC play a long-term role in enhancing the liveability of the region, and the Nexus Together program is all about supporting not for profit projects that will continue to provide much needed services now and in the future.

“Through the Nexus Together program, Nexus helps community organisations focus on projects that reinforce community health, safety, education and the environment,” Mr Sanchez said.

The Nexus sponsorship program has already funded several projects including Return to the Wild’s improved koala rehabilitation enclosures, the establishment of Lockyer Valley Landcare’s environmental education centre, additional firefighting resources for the Withcott Rural Fire Brigade and new mattresses to expand Teen Challenge Care’s substance abuse service.

With these projects completed or underway, Nexus is looking forward to providing assistance to a second group of organisations whose projects will continue to provide far reaching benefits to communities along the alignment.

“The Bunya Park Scout Group encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development of young people through teaching important life skills,” Mr Sanchez said.

“By helping them to purchase additional safety equipment such as first aid kits, we are broadening the number of young people they can educate in a safe environment.

“Purchasing a drone will allow the Condamine Alliance to conduct more informed and regular ecological studies and enable greater interaction with the community. This will help protect water channels, soil, flora and fauna not only in the local Condamine River catchment, through which the TSRC’s western area passes, but also provide further reaching benefits to the Murray-Darling system.

“Early identification of vision issues in young children is critical to their future development and learning, and sometimes it is hard for families to afford these checks and the purchase of glasses.

Essilor Vision Foundation Australia will now be able to cater to a wider range of schools adjacent to our work corridor, allowing children to have early access to these services.

“Murphys Creek is one of the smaller communities the TSRC impacts, but one with the biggest community heart.

“Having a moveable shade structure available to the Murphys Creek Progress Association will allow protection from the elements at a large number of community events that provide social interaction and encourage community spirit.

“Assisting the Withcott Football Club with the purchase of training equipment will help a grass roots community group help build awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle through regular physical activity, as well as the importance of being a part of a team.

Yellow Bridge Qld help people with disabilities continue to live independent and meaningful lives by providing health services in the home and transportation to social activities.

“The second round of funding will assist them in purchasing a new sling and hoist to transfer people with disabilities to enable the group to support more people.”

Applications for future funding rounds can be made through the program’s online form only.

For more information on the Nexus Together sponsorship program, visit our sponsorship page.

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