3 August 2016
| Community

Preserving history with The Windmill Workshop


A piece of Toowoomba Foundry history has been preserved when Nexus recovered a 1906 Southern Cross windmill and donated it to local windmill restoration group, The Windmill Workshop.

The windmill is an original Toowoomba Foundry production and until earlier this year, it stood right in the path of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing at Charlton.

Nexus delicately removed the windmill in one piece ready for The Windmill Workshop to give it a makeover before it finds a new home at Jondaryan Woolshed.

Corry Werth from The Windmill Workshop said the group of 10 meets twice a month to work on old windmills and anticipates the Charlton windmill will take approximately eight days of work to get it ready for the Woolshed.

“We’ve all known each other for some time and share a common interest in the Jondaryan Woolshed and Toowoomba and District Old Machinery Society,” he said.

“For us, it’s good fun and even better therapy.”

“We talk things over and listen to each other while we work on the windmills,” Corry said.

Nexus was approached by members of The Windmill Workshop requesting the windmill be preserved rather than demolished when construction in the area started.

Project director Jose Antonio Sanchez said Nexus was happy to see the windmill going to a good cause and a piece of the area’s history being preserved.

“Nexus is proud to support the The Windmill Workshop initiative, encouraging men to keep active with their hands and minds while contributing to the community.

“We were excited to be able to provide the group with a project such as the 1906 windmill and we look forward to seeing the donation at the Jondaryan Woolshed once it has been restored,” Mr Sanchez said.

The windmill, along with a number of other items the group has worked on, will be at the Jondaryan Woolshed ready for the annual Easter festival in 2017.