The Toowoomba Second Range Crossing features a number of key interchanges and works integral to the delivery of the project. Get interactive with the map below or click through to static project maps and detailed haulage routes.

Interchange animations

Check out our animations on how to use the new road between Mort Street (Cranley) and the Gore Highway (Athol).

Interactive map

Navigate the 41km Toowoomba Second Range Crossing road alignment with our interactive map which can be viewed in satellite and street view. The map shows where the road bypass is located and provides detail on each of the key intersections.

Project maps

Check out the project maps for a detailed view of major works taking place across the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing alignment.
Project Maps

Haulage routes

Heavy vehicles, such as those transporting fill material, concrete or machinery, will use predetermined haulage routes approved the relevant State and local government authorities. Take a look at the approved haulage routes for the eastern, central and western work fronts.
Haulage Routes

Warrego Highway westbound lane closures

500 Super T girders and 600 deck units are being transported for use across the project alignment. Due to the size of some of these deliveries, there will be delays and intermittent closures of the westbound up lanes on the Toowoomba Range section of the Warrego Highway.