16 July 2019
| Nexus eNews

Nexus News – June/July 2019

This month, Nexus has completed most of the line marking in the eastern section of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) using a GPS robot, met with a successful Nexus Together funding recipient to learn more about their community project and welcomed the TSRC Business Advisory Group for a tour of the project.

In this month’s Nexus News:

  • A safer way to line mark
  • Nexus Together funds assist local communities well into the future
  • TSRC Business Advisory Group tour the project
  • Meet the team
  • Working with you
  • Traffic and construction impacts

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Nexus is committed to minimising impacts on local residents during these construction works.

For more information please contact the Community Relations team on 1800 198 878 or email

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