1 May 2018
| News

Changed traffic conditions on the New England Highway at Mount Kynoch

The final construction stages for the New England Highway realignment will be carried out from 18 May 2018 and take approximately four weeks to complete (weather and construction conditions permitting).

Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes for your travel time while we carry out these works.

At the end of these works traffic will be permanently switched on to the new section of the New England Highway which includes travelling over the dual arch bridges above the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC).

Changed traffic conditions
Traffic changes will involve lane closures during peak traffic periods, reduced speed limits and traffic switches.

Nexus will not be impacting traffic on Goombungee Road while these works take place on the New England Highway.

Emergency access and local road access will be maintained during these works.

How to drive near roadworks
When approaching the New England Highway roadworks please merge late. It can feel rude driving up the empty lane and merging at the last minute but in reality it helps everyone.

Merging late at roadworks can result in:

  • a 15% increase in the volume of cars moving through the work zone
  • up to 50% decrease in queue lengths
  • a safer road environment
  • more consistent traffic speeds.

If we all take turns to merge, like a zip, we will all get where we are going sooner and safer (see video below).